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NUTRITION & GROWING I find as a parent, food is one of the most important parts of a child’s daily routine.  We all want to know our children are eating well and you can rest assured at Mawsley they will!  At Mawsley Day Nursery we are very proud of our freshly prepared, well balanced and nutritious meals. By following our two weekly menu cycle and by all the staff leading the children by good example, we encourage the children to eat all their fruit and veg!  Staff will sit alongside the children at the table, by doing so we help develop an understanding of mealtime manners and make it a happy, social occasion. We use fresh fruit and vegetables in the right concept of playing, we encourage all the children to take part in food preparation, from making simple fairy cakes to helping prepare main meals. Using basic recipes packed full of goodness is one of the best starts we can offer the children.