FUN & LEARNING Early years education and learning are the building blocks little ones need to progress and reach their full potential.  Learning through play is what we are all about; messy, outside play, quiet times and maybe just, “let’s be a little silly!” Working with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), the nursery strives to make its environment stimulating and exciting at all times. Each room has activities planned for every day covering the child’s individual needs. The EYFS is followed and is achieved by constant observations and evaluations of daily activities, allowing the planning to link in with the children’s passion for learning. Everything can be fun, from hunting for colours, matching letters and objects to playing with things not all of us would consider fun, such as, mushy peas, chopped tomatoes, even rice pudding, or what about just pretending to be a space alien or a princess.  We believe that what children can learn from playing with natural objects is endless. From textures to wooden small world toys, there is no limit to a child’s imagination when given the chance to develop their own minds. I think photos show more than words ever can, please feel free to come along and see for yourselves.
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